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About Me


Sensually Sadistic, owner of your mind, the forbidden fruit step into my garden where all kinks are welcome and your world revolves around me. With 4+ years of experience a session with me will leave you begging for more. I find joy in humiliation and mind control. In all my grace and glory, you will kneel in respect and subjugation. You will enjoy me at first glance, my presence is of the essence…alluring and all I want is for you to do as I say. My pleasure derives from your submission and devotion. Follow my lead, do all to please your Mistress, and you may be granted access to paradise. I am not here to cater to you. Your purpose will ALWAYS be to serve me.

Gift Me

I adore the most involved submissives; the ones dedicating themselves to the most personal and intimate parts of my life.

As an avid traveler I enjoy luxury accommodations wherever I go. Submissives seeking to satisfy my lust for travel are welcome to provide accommodations through Hotels(dot)com or Airbnb’s gifting options or devote themselves to my traveling comfort through Delta Airlines. Traveling is a huge part of my life and the most monumental of experiences have occurred while abroad. I take delight when a submissive subserviently contributes to my having such experiences.

Submissives with a fetish for latex, tools, and toys can satisfy me by gifting me goods from Deadly CoutureWilliam WildeFetters, or HonourFor submissives looking to take care of my daily needs you may visit my WishTender to see what I require.

Any gift received is always received with gratitude. A delighted and proud Mistress is your reward.


Gain access to my most exclusive content including daily posts and live streams. Edge and binge as you beg for more.

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