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In-Person Sessions

Booking a session with me is the ultimate privilege. I take my sessions seriously and always bring kinky professionalism to the table. To book with me, you must follow my booking steps correctly. Problematic subs will be blocked permanently.

To begin booking, fill out the form located on the Contact Me page.

To book an in person session, you MUST provide identification and references. No exceptions.

All in person sessions are held at The Hackney Wick Dungeon Suite or Bayswater Dungeon Suite in London. Below you will find the tribute details for My sessions. 


6 Hr Overnight with morning servitude: £1500

9 Hr Overnight with morning servitude : £1900

1.5 Hours: £400

2 Hours: £480

3 Hours: £550
4 Hours: £700
5 Hours: £850

2 Hour Toilet(Watersports only) : £350

3 Hour Toilet(Watersports only) : £450

3 Hour Toilet(including Hardsports) : £650

Tour Rates(Atlanta, GA)

1.5 Hours: $750

2 Hours: $900

3 Hours: $1,100

Extended Experiences

These experiences are extended(6 - 8 hours). These are low intensity activities that allow slaves to entertain me for an extended period or allow you to be left alone while I tend to other things. Below you will find several options.

All Day Toilet


(Watersports only)
10.00 arrival - 16.00 finish


(to include hardsports)
10.00 arrival - 18.00 finish

You will serve as My personal toilet. Ignored in a darkened room, only to hear the sound of Me approaching and knowing that soon you will be swallowing every last drop of My Divine nectar. You will be left to your own devices between uses, although prepare to be used many times as I will keep Myself well hydrated during your visit!

meet & greet


3hrs of casually meeting your Mistress in public. This can consist of going to dinner, getting drinks, a picnic at a park, or shopping. No fetish wear will be worn nor will any kink play be engaged in.

Dinner & Dessert

4hrs 30mins


Enjoy extra time in Mistress's presence with a 1.5hr dinner date in addition to a 3hr play session(4.5hrs total) 

Extended servitude

This is a coveted opportunity for only the utmost dedicated submissives who have earned the honor of regular sessions with me, text communications, dinners together, periodic vacations, and worshipping me.

Begins at £3,000 per month

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